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We offer two Master’s programs in Applied Human Nutrition: the thesis-based Master of Science Applied Human Nutrition (MSc AHN) and the applied (non-thesis Master of Applied Human Nutrition (MAHN). Both of these programs will give you the chance explore the theories and research that support professional practice in the fields of human nutrition and dietetics. Find out more about these programs » 

Program Options

Applied Human Nutrition

Whether you complete the MSc AHN or the MAHN, you will complete eight to ten graduate courses with students from both programs. Both programs offer you the opportunity to explore current topics in human nutrition, including community nutrition, nutritional education, nutritional physiology, and functional foods, to work with world-class faculty members, and to perform innovative and relevant research.Applicants to the MSc AHN program will also automatically be considered for admission to the MAHN program. 

Master of Science Applied Human Nutrition (MSc AHN)

 The MSc AHN is a thesis-based program in which you will a substantial portion of your studies performing original research under the supervision of a faculty member with similar academic interests. You will complete seven graduate courses in addition to your thesis.
If you plan to become a registered dietitian, you must complete the MSc AHN program and the Internship Education Program. Learn more about the MSC AHN »

Master of Applied Human Nutrition (MAHN)

The MAHN is an applied, course-based program. In this program, you’ll complete ten graduate courses that will help you to deepen your understanding of the issues that affect community and public nutrition. Learn more about the MAHN »

Internship Education Program

The Internship Education Program is open to MSc AHN students who want to meet the PDEP Competencies for Dietetic Education and Practice (ICDEP), and who want to become registered dietitians. Learn more about the Internship Education Program »

Meaningful Research

As a graduate student in our programs, you'll have the opportunity to participate in important research projects on campus. Our students work on research projects that explore health and human nutrition, current practices in dietetic education, nutrition policy, food security, and more. Many of our students are involved in  Food Action Research Centre (FoodARC) and Appetite Lab research projects.

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Your Career

Are you ready to become a dietitian, a public health professional, a researcher, or a leader in the field of nutrition? Are you working in one of these fields and you want to enhance your existing career? If so, the Mount’s graduate programs in Applied Human Nutrition can help you get there! Graduates of our program are working as registered dietitians, in Dietitians of Canada Match positions, as researchers, professors, and instructors, and in public health positions.

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