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Expand your global curiosity and connect with the world around you!

 Why Global Engagement?           How do I get Involved?

When you open your eyes to connecting and understanding different cultures, you are able to learn, gain new experiences, and increase your own opportunities!

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Kelsey MacDonald, 2015


It’s fun

Meet lots of new people with like-minded views and participate in new experiences! You’ll have the opportunity to see and do things you’ve never thought were possible, meet adventurous and exciting people, and hold on to those connections well after your experience.


It’s smart

Not only will participating in global experiences grow your social network, it will grow your professional network as well. In 2016, employers are looking for employees who are culturally diverse, know how to communicate effectively, and are sensitive to the world around them. Give your skill set that extra edge by allowing your global experience to set your resume apart from the others in today’s highly competitive market. When you come back from your experience, we offer resume workshops to help show off your new experience to showcase how your skills have grown.

It's so unique

When will you have the opportunity again to be able to study and travel, grow your career advantage, while having a huge support network behind you? We will help you through the process, help to set you up for success, and we’ll have your back the entire time during your exchange to help you with anything that arises.

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