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Meet our students
Meet Mount students that are studying abroad on an international exchange.

Universities Canada Testimonial Video
Anna McKitirick's study abroad story



Autumn Fiske in Spain:
Having visited Spain as a tourist, I was aware of how exciting and interesting it is to be there. Before my last year of university, I wanted to do something that had meaning and was a bit crazy. This year, while living in the South of Spain, I worked for a hotel and studied tourism in the Spanish language and took many vacations around Europe. Not only do I now have a second language, but also world travel experience, new friends, and a clear idea of what I want to do with my life when I return to Canada: to work in Travel Consultancy to share the joys and benefits of travelling with others. 


Lauren Perry in Sweden:

Sometimes it is kind of neat to sit back and realize that my study abroad is no longer a plan, I got my visa, and that I am actually in Sweden and that Monday marked the ½ waypoint of my trip. While still at the Mount, I started questioning my decision to do a study abroad term but, I knew it would be an experience I would never forget and that I would regret it if I did not do it. I feel this trip will allow me to become more independent and I have already overcome a lot of fears simply by coming here. I am truly thankful for this opportunity and feel I have already noticed a lot that is different form home, have learned a lot, enjoyed a Michael Bublé concert, and have had countless amazing trips exploring Stockholm. Before coming, I knew hardly anything about Sweden and knew only a few Swedish phrases. Now, I understand that Sweden is much more than a cold, grey place with lots of H&M’s and Ikea’s Do you know about the Swedish tradition of ‘fika’? I didn’t before coming… I chose this school as my credits would transfer back to the Mount, and I knew experiencing any new culture would be exciting. Already, I have noted so many differences between here and home. Our school schedules are set-up completely different than at the Mount, and our professors are stressing that we learn about each other’s cultures and learn from each other, which is great! I have had lots of time to explore the city and have really been enjoying my time here and cannot wait for the second half! I leave next week for my trip up North to the Lapland and am considering a few other smaller trips as well. I think with more classes in April and these trips my time will fly by. I am really trying to enjoy every minute! It may sound cliché but, this trip is something that I will always remember, and it has already had a huge impact on me.