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Will I have to speak another language to do a student exchange?
The Mount has agreements with many universities offering English classes in 16 different countries. While we encourage you to study a language while on exchange, it is not a prerequisite to participate.

Student exchange programs cost a lot. Can I afford to go? The biggest advantage of student exchange is that you don’t have to pay international student fees – you pay your tuition at the Mount, while our partner university waives your tuition fee. We have also made an effort to choose partner institutions which have a similar cost of living to Halifax. Monthly living expenses range from $300 to $1500. There are also some bursaries and scholarships available. Ask us for details!

If I do a student exchange, will I be able to complete my degree in 4 years?
As long as you plan your exchange well in advance (I recommend students start meeting with us at least one year before going), you can arrange your courses so that you complete your degree on time. You don’t have to go on exchange for a whole academic year – many students go for one semester.

Isn't participating in the exchange program difficult to arrange and there isn’t a lot of support?The application process for exchange is actually quite simple. We will assist you in making the best choice and will put you in contact with people at our partner universities who will help you arrange accommodation, etc.. All of our partner universities offer a comprehensive orientation program and many have a ‘buddy system’ – a peer will be assigned to show you around and answer your questions. During your time away from the Mount, we will also be available if you have any questions or concerns, so you can sit back and relax in a foreign country.

Will I be able to study in a field related to my degree?Students are often sent to universities that specialize in their field of interest. It is recommended that students take full advantage of courses offered. For example, students can study Tourism Management in Austria or enroll in an International Relations course in Estonia. Students also get the opportunity to learn a new language and study a different culture. The experience of studying abroad goes beyond what is learned in the classroom.