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Review the Exchange Process
International Exchange Application

Please submit completed Student Exchange Program Application 2015 to the International Office by the semester deadline. Contact us if you have any questions.

Application Deadlines

Exchange Program:       End of March (Fall Term)

                                       End of September (Winter Term)

Summer Experience:     End of January


External Course Registration Form Student Opportunity Fund MSVUMount students who are going on official exchange at an international institution must complete the Registration Form for Exchange Students and submit it to the Registrar's Office before going abroad.


Scholarship or funding possibilities:

Student Opportunity Fund MSVU

Register with Scholarships Canada

GoEuro European Study Abroad Scholarship

Government Scholarships for Canadians

Ernst Mach Grant for studying at an Austrian university of applied sciences 

Youth Education Program- Business Students

MLD Scholastic Scholarship

$500 TopBabyGears Scholarship Program

Travel Bursary Application

This bursary form is for students who need to travel to obtain their Visa in person before doing an exchange program. The International Education Centre will subsidize your travel expenses with this travel bursary. If you are eligible to participate on a student exchange, then you may be qualified for this travel bursary. Apply here.