emma abroad

 Emma Robertson, 2015

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How does it work?


1) Select your dream destination

2) Meet with Amy

3) Meet with your academic advisor/ chair of your department

4) Apply to MSVU

5) Apply to your host university abroad

6) Attend Orientation I

7) Apply for your study visa

8) Attend Orientation II


1) Arrive at your new home and attend the new university's orientation

2) Meet new friends, try new experiences

3) Share pictures, blog posts, and keep the Mount updated

4) Use the host university's services

5) Enjoy your time to the fullest! :)

Post Exchange:

1) Submit your return report

2) Assist in promoting exchange opportunities

3) Be your more confidant self on campus

4) Embrace the new you

5) Continue to look for opportunities to be globally curious




How do exchange programs work?

·         You will get to study in another country for one semester or one year.

·         You will earn credits toward your degree (keep in mind that you’ll require faculty approval).

·         You’ll still pay your tuition and fees at the Mount.

·         You’ll fly to your destination.


Why do an exchange?

·         To experience life in another country firsthand.

·         To explore differences between cultures.

·         To gain cultural awareness and leadership skills.

·         To improve self-awareness and have a better understanding of your place in the world.

·         To learn another language.

·         To prepare for an international career.


The exchange process

·         Six to 12 months before you go you should meet with Amy from the International Education Centre. You can contact her at Amy.Braye@msvu.ca or call her at 902-457-6130.

·         To be eligible to apply, you need a GPA of min. 2.5 and sufficient electives free to take. 

You meet with us and we ensure you meet all the requirements and you help you narrow down the options of where you would like to study.  

·         You then review the English-language course offerings

·         Get approval from your department chair.

·         Submit the Mount’s Student Exchange Application.

·         Contact your host university.


Generally students accepted on exchange programs pay Mount Saint Vincent University tuition and other fees and retain any Canadian financial aid they may have. Students must be eligible for appropriate entry visas, if required, and are responsible for travel, living and other personal costs, including health care. Financial assistance is available as part of some of the university’s exchange agreements. Students interested in exchange should contact the office of the International Student Advisor.