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Stella Yusuf

MEd Literacy Education (Mississauga Cohort)

A Lifelong Learner in Literacy Education

Stella Yusuf is a Religious Education and English teacher in Ontario who is in her final year of study in the Mount’s Mississauga cohort of the Master of Education in Literacy Education program. “I chose this program because I am a lifelong learner,” Stella says. She had been teaching Special Education for six years when she began her Literacy Education program, and she had already earned the designation of Specialist teacher by taking Ontario’s Additional Qualifications courses. Still, she says, “I felt that I still needed to learn so much more in the field of education.” And that’s when she found the Mount’s Literacy Education cohort.

“I proved myself wrong.”

The MEd program has been both rewarding and challenging, Stella admits. A self-described technophobe, Stella pushed herself in her Literacy Education coursework to learn to use video editing software technology to produce a movie remix (a parody film trailer).  And she plans to use this experience to teach her students to push themselves to learn new skills and discover hidden talents. “Although I had thought all along that was not a ‘techy’ person but I proved myself wrong by actually going through the process and accomplishing something at the end,” she says.  “It has made me more confident and now I can use the knowledge I gained to educate my students.”

A Professional Passport

Stella plans to use both her teaching experience and her newly minted MEd in Lifelong Literacy to develop her career in education. She plans to eventually become an administrator, and to use the knowledge that she earned in her Master’s program to improve the educational systems in both Canada and Nigeria. And in addition to helping her to become a better educator, Stella’s degree gives her a professional edge over her peers who, she says, “have not been exposed to a wonderful enlightening program as this.”

Still, she isn’t afraid to recommend the Literacy Education program to her colleagues. In fact, her enthusiastic recommendations have led one co-worker to enroll in this fall’s cohort. Professional edge or not, Stella says, “I have mentioned this program to most of my colleagues and I have told them how excited I am to be taking it.”