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2017-18 GSLL Course Offerings

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Course #
Course Title
WinterGSLL 6200 02Introduction to Studies in Lifelong Learning
WinterGSLL 6206 01Lifelong Learning ProcessesDr. Donovan Plumb
WinterGSLL 6207 01
Graduate Seminar in Lifelong LearningDr. Ardra Cole
WinterGSLL 6212 01Methods for Fostering Lifelong LearningErin Careless
WinterGSLL 6216 01
Creating the Educative WorkplaceStephanie Mason
FA/WIGSLL 6290 01

Practicum in Studies in Lifelong Learning

Dr. Jim Sharpe
FA/WIGSLL 6290 02Practicum in Studies in Lifelong LearningDr. Jim Sharpe

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