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Addressing the specific needs of communities

In addition to its regular on-campus program, the Mount actively seeks opportunities to establish cohort programs. Cohort programs are established to meet specific curricular needs or to offer our program off-campus in a specific geographic location. Over past years, geographic cohorts have been established in Jamaica and Cape Breton, and the 'Africentric Policy and Research Program' was also offered in Nova Scotia. 

Characteristics of GSLL Cohort Programs

  • Cohort programs are closed to students outside of the cohort.
  • Students are expected to complete the program with the other members of their student cohort.
  • A program of study is established for each specific cohort.
  • Course delivery (including weekend workshops and summer institutes) is designed to meet the needs of cohort students.

Cohort Program Successes

  • Jamaica - Since 1998, the Mount has offered graduate programs in Studies in Lifelong Learning in Kingston, Jamaica. Working with its partner in this initiative, the Jamaican Council for adult education, The Mount has graduated close to two hundred Jamaicans from virtually every part of the country from the graduate Studies in Lifelong Learning program. Alumni from our program in Jamaica now hold leadership positions in adult education and lifelong learning throughout Jamaica.
  • Africentric Leadership and Policy & Research - In partnership with the Council on African Canadian Education and the Africentric Learning Institute, the Mount has offered graduate programs in Studies in Lifelong Learning with a focus on Africentric Leadership three cohorts of 20 African Nova Scotian students in each cohort. The curriculum for this cohort explores Africentric approaches to leadership, policy and research related to a range of lifelong learning contexts and initiatives. It is designed to build capacity in the African Nova Scotian community to contribute to leadership, policy development and research.
  • Cape Breton - The Lifelong Learning program has also been offered to cohorts in Cape Breton, in partnership with the Nova Scotia Community College, Marconi Campus.