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Exploring learning in society, across the lifespan  

Since 1995, the Mount has offered graduate programs leading to MEd and MAEd degrees in Studies in Lifelong Learning. Over the years, the program has graduated more than 500 masters students from around the world. The program is recognized for its academic rigor, its theoretical richness, its commitment to social justice, and its practical relevance to a wide range of vocations.

The program encourages a broad view of learning and teaching that transpires both within and beyond formal schooling contexts. A key contributor to this understanding is the rich literature and well-developed practices of adult education.

Mastering effective teaching and learning practices

Our program engages students in an in-depth and critical exploration of the central role learning plays in our society. Students learn more about the very complex and diverse ways society shapes human learning processes. The program strives to maintain an active interplay between theory and practice. It enhances the capacities of students to investigate and analyze a range of literature related to lifelong learning and, in key courses, it encourages them to test out and master effective and ethical teaching and learning practices.

Our graduates report on the significance of their degree in their professional and personal lives, helping many advance their careers, their capacities for community development and improving the enjoyability and quality of their lives.