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The Foundations Committee regularly reviews courses in other Graduate Education programs to determine their foundational content.  If deemed ‘foundational’ they may be used in the 2.5-unit GFDD requirement and are referred to as foundations designates.

2016 Foundations Designates

Curriculum Studies:

Foundations of Curriculum Studies I (GCRD 6301)
Critical Pedagogy I  (GCRD 6315)
Global Issues and Education I  (GCRD 6320)
Education and Development I  (GCRD 6322)
School Culture and Inclusive Practices (GCRD 6335)

Educational Psychology:

Theories of Learning: Contemporary Perspectives  (GEPY 6602)
Values Reasoning (GEPY 6606)
Group Process in Education (GEPY 6644)
Mediation and Conflict Resolution (GEPY 6645)
Human Relations Program Design (GEPY 6646)

Elementary and Middle School Education:

Knowledge and the Curriculum (GEMS 6422)
Crucial Issues in Elementary and Middle School Education (GEMS 6423)
Values/Morals/Religious Education: Theory and Practice I  (GEMS 6491)
Values/Morals/Religious Education: Theory and Practice II  (GEMS 6492)

Literacy Education:

Cultural Politics and the Teaching of English (GLIT 6731/GCRD 6324)
Reading and Teaching Popular Culture (GLIT 6732/GCRD 6325)

Lifelong Learning:

Introduction to Studies in Lifelong Learning (GSLL 6200)
Contemporary Perspectives in the Study of Lifelong Learning (GSLL 6202)
Diversity Issues in Lifelong Learning (GSLL 6213)
Lifelong Learning in International Contexts (GSLL 6218)
Policy Issues in Lifelong Learning (GSLL 6220)
Feminist Perspectives in Lifelong Learning (GSLL 6223)

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