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Become a Mount Co-op Connector

Mount Co-op connectors are a group of student volunteers who promote and support programs and events facilitated by the Mount Co-op Office. Are you someone who has an interest in mentorship and a willingness to speak about your co-op experience? Becoming a Mount Co-op Connector is a great way to boost your resume, interact with current and prospective students as well as develop leadership and career-related skills. Scroll down and apply today! An informational session on the program will be delivered in October 2018 to the successful applicants.

Roles and Responsibilities

Mount Co-op Connectors are responsible for:

- Volunteering at resume review sessions with new students in October

- Volunteering at cover letter review sessions with new students in January.

- Assisting at Mount co-op events throughout the 2018/19 academic year (September - April).

- Meeting with the co-op coordinators twice throughout the academic year to discuss feedback from and advocate for current students, and work with the coordinators to ensure the co-op team is providing the best possible service to students.


As a Mount Co-op Connector you will:

- Enhance the lines of communications between the co-op office and co-op/internship students.
- Have the opportunity to network with co-op/internship students and co-op/internship employers through assisting at events held by the co-op office throughout the year.

- Can help pave the way for new events and initiatives.


To be eligible to become a Mount Co-op Connector you must have completed at least one co-op work term and you must be a current co-op student. The Mount Co-op Connector program will run from October 2018 - April 2019.

The deadline to apply is Friday, September 21, 2018  Apply Now