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Bridging Science and the Broader Public

This exciting program capitalizes on the Mount’s strengths in the areas of communication studies and science. It fills a gap for well-qualified science communicators who can work with government departments, school districts, university researchers, non-profit agencies, private sector companies and media outlets to name a few. Visit the main BSc Science Communication page »

Science communicators form the bridge between science and the work of scientists, and the larger public. Science communication includes all of those processes and practices by which science becomes part of our larger culture. James Hoggan, environmental author and Chair of the David Suzuki Foundation, says: “I sincerely believe that top employers in industry, public relations and potentially in the media, will be  scrambling to employ [these] graduates.”

The BSc (Science Communication) interns can work in fields such as:

  • Medicine
  • Dentistry
  • Law
  • Health Administration
  • Environmental Science
  • Public Relations
  • Health Programs
  • Communications and Journalism