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Information for Employers

The Mount is known for its innovative programs. One of our newest is the four-year Bachelor of Science (Science Communication) program. This program includes an optional 13 - 16 week internship after student's third year of study. We invite you to partner with the Mount and hire a Science Communication Intern for the upcoming summer term. 

What an intern can do for you?

  • Translate scientific information into easy to understand communication pieces for the public
  • Develop a strategy for communication both inside and outside your department with a variety of publics
  • Create patient or public education materials
  • Develop a social media strategy and its initial implementation
  • Assist with the development of papers and/or presentation materials for scientific conferences
  • Coordinate media materials

Benefits of working with an intern

  • Great Opportunity: Access skilled and highly motivated employees on a short-term basis
  • New Perspective: Work with interns who are enthusiastic, motivated and committed, and will bring new ideas and a fresh perspective to your workplace
  • Perfect Solution: Complete those hard-to-get-to projects
  • Flexibility: Work with students for unpaid internships or at a student salary