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The prerequisite for MATH2208 is Grade XI Math or Grade XII Math or equivalent, or MATH0020 with a grade of at least C, or any 1000-level math course.  Students planning to take MATH 2208 no longer have to write a placement test.  However, we recommend that you try the self-test below to see if you still remember the skills you will need to start the course.

SELF-TEST INSTRUCTIONSThe assessment will allow you to determine if you are familiar with the topics needed for the course.  You should have a pencil, scrap paper, and a calculator handy.  Going through all the topics at once will take a while, so you may prefer just to do a few topics at a time.  If you miss more than one or two answers on any topic, it would be a good idea to review that topic before starting the course.


The booklet "Basic Math Review to Prepare for Statistics and Finite Math", available in the MSVU Bookstore for about $2, includes a short review and complete solutions to these questions. For more detail, try textbooks with titles like "College Algebra", some of which are in the university library (near QA154). Also for those with valid MSVU student id's, there are books at the MSVU library on 7-day reserve. Ask at the circulation desk, under course MATH 001. These reserve books have specific topic references pasted inside the front cover.  If you review this material just before your course begins, you will find it easier to learn the new course material. One major reason why students may have trouble with math is that they are weak on the prerequisites. Since math is cumulative, difficulty with arithmetic and basic algebra will cause more difficulty with subsequent courses.

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