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MATH 2206 Introduction to Probability is being taught by Dr. Gary Sneddon on Monday, Wednesday 01:30PM - 02:45PM this coming Winter term (January - April, 2016) but will NOT be offered in the next academic year (2016/7).


This course is a prerequisite for MATH 3407 and 3408, which are courses we intend to offer next year (Fall 2016, Winter 2017).


You should take MATH 2206  this academic year in order to be able to take these MATH 3407 and 3408 courses we are offering in the next academic year.


Note that these courses (MATH 3407 and 3408) will most likely not be offered in the 2017/8 academic year and so if you want to include them in your program you must do them in the 2016/7 year.


MATH 3407 and 3408 are electives but can be used to fulfill the 3000 level requirements of the MATH major, honours and concentration, and the non specified units for MATH and Applied Statistics minors.


This upcoming academic year we are offering the following:


MATH 3311: Real Analysis: required for the major and honours degrees

MATH 3325: Abstract Algebra I: required for the major and honours degrees

   (One of the above two courses is required for the concentration.)

MATH 3326: Abstract Algebra II: required for the honours degree, will not be offered next year

MATH 3333 and 4433: Graph Theory: elective, will not be offered next year

MATH 4411 Complex Analysis: elective, will not be offered next year

MATH 3303 Intermediate Applied Statistics I: elective (except may not be part of the MATH concentration)

MATH 3304 Intermediate Applied Statistics II: elective (except may not be part of the MATH concentration)

MATH 2206 Introduction to Probability: prerequisite for MATH 3407 and 3408, electives we intend to offer next year

 While we endeavour to offer all required courses for the major and concentration each year, we highly recommend you take the required courses MATH 3311 and 3325 this year. This will ensure you will be able to fit them into your schedule and allow you more flexibility in your final year. 

 Also, most elective courses as well as courses required only for the honours degree are normally cycled on a two year or more rotation. Therefore, if you are interested in including any of MATH 3326, 3333/4433, and 4411 in your program, please plan on taking them this year. 

 IF YOU ARE PLANNING ON OR EVEN JUST CONSIDERING THE HONOURS DEGREE FOR NEXT YEAR you should take MATH 3326 this year. MATH 3312, which is also required for the honours degree, will be offered next year along with an additional 4000-level elective. The honours degree requires two full units of MATH at the 4000-level, including the honours project MATH 4499 which counts as a half unit, so if you can you should also take MATH 4433 and 4411 this year.

 Finally, next year we intend to offer MATH 3407 Theory of Probability I and MATH 3408 Theory of Probability II. These can be used to fulfil the requirements of three thousand level electives for the concentration, major and honours degrees, and require MATH 2206 as a prerequisite. So, if you may be interested in taking these next year, you should take MATH 2206 this year.