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Professor Emerita BA (MSVU), MSc (U Alberta), PhD  (Calgary)Office: Evaristus C209
(902) 457-5074  

Research Interests:

Pathways involved in the generation of fever and immune responses in neonates and adults.


                                                    Selected Publications:

Mouihate, A., Harre, E-M., Martin, S. And Pittman, Q.J. (2008). Suppression of the febrile response in late gestation: evidence, mechanisms and outcomes. J. Neuroendocrinology 20(4): 508-514.


Spencer, S.J., Martin, S.M. and Pittman, Q.J. (2006) Early life immune challenge - defining the critical window for effects on adult immune responses. Neuropsychopharmacology 1-9.