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Senate Medals of Distinction
Pewter medals are awarded by the Senate to recognize the top graduating students nominated by each program area. These medals are presented at both the spring and fall ceremonies.

President’s Prizes
Special awards donated by the University President are given to members of the spring and fall graduating classes whose energy, generosity and commitment have enriched the University during their time as students, and who show promise that their commitment will continue as alumnae.

Kappa Gamma Pi
Kappa Gamma Pi is the National Catholic College Graduate Honor Society. Membership is based on scholarship, leadership and service. Members are selected not only for recognition of past accomplishments, but also in anticipation of future service.

Governor-General’s Medal
Donated by the Governor-General of Canada this medal is given once per year at the graduate level to the top graduating master’s student. Presented annually at the spring convocation. Students graduating the previous October are equally eligible with spring graduands for this award.

The Graduate Thesis Award
A special award presented by the Graduate Studies Committee to a student who has completed a thesis of exceptional quality including evidence of well-developed, independent research skills and contribution to his/her academic discipline. Presented annually at the fall convocation. Students graduating the previous spring are equally eligible with fall graduands for this award.

Academic Note: This web-based calendar information is applicable for the 2019-2020 academic year which runs from September 01, 2019 to August 31, 2020.

For the complete 2019-2020 Academic Calendars, please consult the PDF versions of the Undergraduate Academic Calendar andGraduate Academic Calendars. (underlines are links to the PDF versions of each)

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