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Does it really matter what these affectionate people do-- so long as they don’t do it in the streets and frighten the horses!

Mrs. Patrick Campbell

“We demand that sex speak the truth [...] and we demand that it tell us our truth, or rather, the deeply buried truth of that truth about ourselves which we think we possess in our immediate consciousness.”

Michel Foucault, The History of Sexuality 1: An Introduction

Sexual expression is something that is at the heart of every culture and society.  Whether it is an examination of its’ expression or a control of its manifestations, we have a fascination with all things sexual.  This course is designed to critically tease out some of the theoretical and methodological issues involved in studying sex and sexuality.

Topics to be considered include:

    • Beyond normal: Kinks, fetishes and “perversions”
    • Sexual communities
    • The presentation of the sexual self
    • Social control, public policy and sexualities
    • Sex, culture and social change

How will students be evaluated in this course?

    • Midterm exam (take home format)
    • Research paper
    • Community outreach/engagement
    • Reading Journal/Reaction papers

There is no final exam for this class.

What are the prerequisites?

Students should have completed SOAN 1101 (or SOAN 1102 and 1103) and one additional unit of SOAN prior to enrolling in this course. If you would like to take this course but do not have the stated prerequisites, please contact the course instructor to discuss.

When is this course offered?

This course is offered during the 2013 Winter term, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:05 to 1:20 PM.


Please contact the course instructor, Dr. Alan Brown.