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Historically, the purpose of schooling has been to socialize children and youth as agents in the reproduction of existing social relations.  The organization and curricula of schooling is expected to reflect the place of children, youth and adult learners in the social system as a whole, and to facilitate their unproblematic appropriation of dominant social values and normative relations.  This has meant that schools have often examined educational organization and social issues in ways that attenuate conflict and obscure social contradictions. 


One primary focus of the course for this Fall term will be disability.  Several documents and research reports have been produced for Nova Scotia and other Atlantic provinces over the last decade or so.  A recurring theme has been inclusion: what is it; who does it benefit; is it detrimental for the regular classroom; is there an “inclusion bias” in educational policy; what is the “rights-basis” for inclusion?  These are questions we will address and student will develop in one course assignment.


Other themes for this course will be an examination of contemporary issues affecting schooling and attempts at reform of its organization and curriculum.  Recent public opinion, proposals for reform and restructuring the delivery of education will be discussed.  We will examine schooling through the frame of social justice and change; in other words, schooling as it relates to other aspects of society.


There may also be an opportunity for Service Learning as a component of this course.

How will students be evaluated in this course?

  • Mid-Term exam                    20%
  • Assignment #1                     25%
    Topic: Inclusion: an educational and social issue. 
    (Details of the assignment will be given early in the course.)
  • Assignment #2                     25% 
    Topic: The legal basis of anti-bullying programs in schools. 
    (Details of the assignment will be given later in the course.)
  • Final exam                           30%

What are the prerequisites?

The prerequisite for this course is successful completion of SOAN 1101 (or SOAN 1102 and 1103). If you would like to take this course but have not completed the prerequisite, please contact the course instructor to discuss.

When is this course offered?

This course is being offered Wednesdays from 7:05 - 9:35 PM during the Fall 2012 semester.


Please contact the course instructor, Dr. Robert Lanning.

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