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“Has the current period created an opportunity for organizations to play a role in a process of progressive social change? Or has it brought the community into the orbit of state regulation through these organizations – or are both possible at the same time?”

                                                                                            Shragge, 2013:100



Through readings, class discussions and contributions from guest speakers (where possible) this course explores the idea of territorial community, both rural and urban, as distinct from but often overlapping with, other forms of community.  Drawing upon examples of research and activism related to community development in the Atlantic region and beyond, students will have the opportunity to explore topics such as the relevance of the community, sustainable development, citizen participation, identity, community conflict, the ecological community, and the local impacts of globalization.



What are the prerequisites?

The prerequisites for this course are any one of the following: completion of SOAN 1101, completion for both SOAN 1102 and 1103, or permission of the instructor.



When is this course offered?

This course will be offered Tuesdays & Thursdays from 3:00-4:15 PM during the Fall 2013 term.




Please contact the instructor, Dr. Leslie Brown.