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“Social policy is, above all, concerned with choice among competing values...”

                                                                                       -Martin Rein, 1974: 298


With the decline of the welfare state and the ascendance of neo-liberalism, there has been a sea change in Canadian social policy. These changes have sparked renewed, and fierce, debates about the appropriate role of government in meeting the need for social services, income support, health care, post-secondary education, housing and a host of other social needs. In this course students will be introduced to contemporary theoretical and practical debates about social policy and how policy is developed in Canada, and will have the chance to explore examples of selected social policies in depth. Through the readings and class discussions, students will analyse and critically evaluate alternative understandings of effective social policy and policy-making, including the predominant neo-liberal perspectives and the contrary view that contemporary understandings of social policy and the process of policy making need to be seriously re-evaluated and transformed. 



What are the prerequisites?

The prerequisites for this course are any one of the following: completion of SOAN 1101, completion for both SOAN 1102 and 1103, completion of 1.0 unit of Political Studies, or permission of the instructor.



When is this course offered?

This course will be offered Tuesdays & Thursdays from 1:30-2:45 PM during the Fall 2013 term.




Please contact the instructor, Dr. Leslie Brown.