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" ‘Masculinities’ are not the same as ‘men’.  To speak of masculinities is to speak about gender relations.  Masculinities concern the position of men in a gender order.  They can be defined as the patterns of practice by which people (both men and women, though predominantly men) engage that position."

                                                                                         -Raewynn Connell

From Frosh chants about rape to unspeakable acts of bullying and torment, we are experiencing a time of crisis when explanations like "boys will be boys" simply won't do.  In this course, we will explore the historical and social roots of masculinities and the complex ways in which men understand their own masculinity in relation to the contemporary structure of a highly gendered society.

We will cover a variety of topics in this course, including:

  • Becoming Men/Doing Masculinities
  • "Toxic" Masculinity
  • Male Privilege and Intersectionality
  • Sexualities
  • Crime and Deviance
  • Media and Popular Cultural Perspectives on Masculinities

What are the prerequisites?

The prerequisites for SOAN 3380 are successful completion of SOAN 1101 (or completion of both SOAN 1102 and 1103) and completion of an additional unit of SOAN,  or permission of the instructor.

The prerequisites for WOMS 3301 are WOMS 1110 and 0.5 unit in another women's studies or departmental women-emphasis course at the 2000 level or above.

When is the course offered?

This course will be offered Monday-Thursday, 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM during the first half of Summer Session 2 (July 2-23).

How will I be evaluated in this course?

5 reaction papers (@ 10% each) 50%

Individual or group project: Culture and "Doing Masculinity"  15%

Discussion forum participation 10%

Take-home final  25%


Please contact the instructor, Dr. Alan Brown.