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What is SOAN?


Sociology and anthropology are two closely allied social science disciplines that critically explore human cultures and societies over time and across geographical space. Taking up issues as diverse as evolution and biological diversity, gender and sexualities, globalization and social movements, and the life course and social change, SOAN is a field geared toward understanding human socio-cultural life, the processes and forces that shape it, the problems that plague it, and the possibilities that lay before it.


Employing a diverse set of empirical research methods and theoretical approaches, SOAN is not only about making sense of the world, it is about rigorously and critically exploring it so that we may better act within it.
The SOAN department offers a variety of degree options and course content to suit the needs and interests of our students.

Whether you decide on the 3 unit minor, 4 unit concentration, or 20 unit major, combined major, or honours degree, you will have the flexibility to choose from our wide range of courses so you can tailor your education to your interests.  

We are here to help you throughout your studies!


Our faculty members work hard to make sure that our students get the most out of their experience in our program. If you are looking for more details on an idea presented in class, need clarification on an assignment, or would like to focus your studies in an area of interest through a directed study, make an appointment to speak with your professor.

We encourage all of our students, regardless of degree choice, to contact us regularly for academic advising. With dozens of  courses offered in 2016-2017 alone, it is easy  to become confused when choosing courses!

 Faculty contact information and office hours can be found posted to your professor's office door, or by contacting the departmental administrative assistant. If you would like to meet with a faculty advisor, please contact Dr. Alex Khasnabish, SOAN Department Chair, at