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In many larger universities, honours students attend a special seminar or write a long essay, but because of our small class sizes, Mount honours students have the rare opportunity to work on a year-long independent research project that culminates in the writing of a substantial undergraduate thesis supervised by a faculty member. Once the research is well under way, students present their ideas at the departmental Honours Colloquium before finishing the writing of their theses at the end of the year.




Skye Bryden-Blom

"'But you are passionate, Jane': The Haunting Presence of Female Passion in Jane Eyre and its Film Adaptations"


Nolan Natasha Pike

"'They recognized each other like italics': The Queerness of Metaphor"




Jessalyn Burke

"Portraits of Death: The Gothic in Harry Potter"


Courtney Church

“Is There Room Enough for Two? Surveillance and Identity Within the Room in Paul Auster’s City of Glass


Krista Hill

“The Crawling Dead: Abjection and the Monstrous Womb in The Walking Dead


Kae-Lin Larder

“Taming Kate in Hollywood: Shakespeare’s Shrew on Screen.”





Michelle Camara

"What's the Use? Unmasking
Exchange Value in Susanna
Centlivre's Comedies"

 Michelle 2


Alicha 2


Alicha Keddy

"After/words: Silence and Loss in
Jean Rhys's Early Fiction"


Staci Sherman

"Hybridity:  Friend or Foe?"

 Staci 2

Lisa 2


Lisa Templin

"'Like a Fine Bragging Youth':
Destabilizing Gender Norms
in The Merchant of Venice "



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Sarah Lane

"Beowulf: The Monsters and the Movies"






 Ashley Milbury Honours Colloquium 2010




Ashley Milbury

"The Containment of Female Sexuality in
Alexander Pope's Rape of the Lock"






Chantelle Rideout

"Un-telling the Underwritten: The Politics of
Fragmentation in Ana Historic and Zong!"




Chantelle Rideout honours colloquium 2010








Sally Colwell

"Quelling the Queer Fan Girl in Five Easy Steps: Reading Women Writing Slash"

Honours colloquium poster 2009

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