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What can I do with a B.A. in English?

Just about anything! English students go on to find careers in teaching, in editing and publishing, in government, law, journalism, library and information management, and many other fields. With a B.A. in hand, some students find rewarding careers; others go on to further professional training. Their career paths can be fairly straightforward, or they can take unexpected turns. For a sampling of some of the possibilities, take a look at the students' stories included here.

You can follow the links below to read more, or you can find a selection of stories on the Career Paths bulletin board on the fifth floor of Seton.   


Sarah Lane
Sarah Lane » [video]
Crown Attorney


 Stacey de Molitor
Stacey de Molitor »
University Advancement Project Officer


Krista Hill

Krista Hill »


Brianne Carter

Brianne Carter
Information Analyst


Thrive kids

Wendy Birt »
Educator and Entrepreneur 


Denise Kelly

Denise Kelly 
Tutor and College Preparatory
English Instructor   


MSVU English Career Paths DZ

Denise Zareski 

Karen Livingstone

Karen Livingstone 
Training Development Officer
Canadian Forces


MSVU English Career Paths AM

Andrew Mactavish

Multimedia Professor


Emma Blog photo

Emma Smith »
Skating Coach


Peggy MacKinnon

Peggy MacKinnon

Freelance writer
Art Gallery Program Coordinator
Constituency Assistant for Member of Parliament
Art Gallery Director



MSVU English Career Paths KM

Kathy Mac
Writer, Professor