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Scholarships and Prizes

Library Awards
Our Honours Students




Courtney Church, Valedictorian 2013 

2013: Courtney Church


2012: Michelle Camara


2011 Valedictorian Brianne Bezanson
2011:  Brianne Bezanson

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Library Awards

The following ENGL / WRIT students have won the annual Library research paper award.



Kim Dunn Library Award

2011 Category A: Kimberley Dunn,
"Recommendations for an Interactive Approach
to Plagiarism Preve

2007 Library Research Prize - C. Vaughan                                                                                                                                                            

2007 Crystal Vaughan
"Translation Note: 'The Wife's Lament'"


2005 Adam Hutka "Commerce and Chaos : Jonson's Subversive Comedies"

2004 Adam Hutka "Depravity and Divinity: Chaucer's Pardoner and Parson"

2003 Sally Colwell (English Honours student: essay from another department)

"Challenges Facing Gifted Preschoolers and Their Families :
How Child Care Workers Can Help."


1999 Janne Cleveland "Textual Spaces : Representing the Invisible Woman"


1998 Peggy MacKinnon "Wildsongs: Slavery and the Evolution of Jazz"




Scholarships and Prizes




Courtney Church

      Valedictorian Prize

       President's Prize

       Sr. Marie Agnes Prize


Nolan Pike

       Beryl Rowland Book Prize

       Paul McIsaac Scholarship

       Angus L. MacDonald Literary Prize



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