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This page contains information on upcoming or current news and events related to Mount Saint Vincent University's Cultural Studies. Click below for more information.

Convocation News:

Congratulations to our Spring 2018 Graduates:

  • Joshua Spencer
  • Kristen Kelley (with distinction)
  • Isabella Redgate (Combined CULS/HIST)
  • Lise Benoit (Combined CULS/HIST - with distinction & highest aggregate)

For the 2018-2019 academic year, there are two new course offerings:

CULS 3310(01) Special Topics: History of Rock & Roll

Fall Wednesday 4:30 - 7:00 pm

This course examines the history of rock & roll - one of the most significant and powerful cultural expressions of the 20th century. From its radically divergent musical identities to the technological innovations that have spurred its growth, rock & roll has mirrored an ever-changing social, political and economic landscape and provides a valuable lens for the study of Western culture in the last 100 years.

CULS 3311(02) Special Topics: Canadian Cultural Studies

Fall Wednesday 4:30 - 7:00 pm

*(Cross-listed with CANA 3306)

A detailed exploration and analysis of the key focal points of Canadian Cultural Studies, namely, Identity. Topics include: Canadian iconography, including memorials/memorialization (Louis Riel; the Famous Five); folk art (e.g. Maud Lewis; William Kurelyk); Canadian literature/literary theory (e.g. Atwood, Survival; Prarie Fire); celebrity (e.g. Canadian in American culture); music; music festivals; sports and sports culture; speculative/science fiction (A.E. Van Vogt; HalCon; Canadian post-apocalyptic fiction); heroes and villains; humour.