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Several recent studies have linked both student retention and student success with a referral system for academic support services. We have tried to find ways to make it more convenient for faculty members to make referrals to the Library and to other support services during the marking of papers and assignments.


Below you will see an example of a PDF note designed for faculty use when you are marking. The use of this note is optional, but we thought it might be a quick and time-sensitive way to direct students to the appropriate sources of additional support outside of the classroom. Please tell us whether you think this  note includes the right type of referral options, or if there are services which should be added, and if you would use something like this yourself when you are marking.


You may save a copy of this PDF file for your own use. If you are interested in receiving print copies please contact the library at




Please save or print the above form for use in providing your students with feedback about their research assignments.