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Frequently Asked Questons About Remote Access to Article Database

  1. Which username and password should I use to access the library databases?
    You have a choice.
    The username and password that you use to access your Mount email account and login in the computer labs on campus (your Novell Network account).
    Your MSVU ID card bardode (14 digits) as the login and the ID pin (usually the last 4 numbers of your phone number) as your password.
  2. I am a distance student and don't have a Novell Network username or MSVU ID card, what do I do?
    Please complete the ID request form to request a distance MSVU ID card be sent to you. You will be provided with a temporary login while we process your request.
    Please complete the IT&S form to request an email / Network (Novell) username.
  3.  How do I change my password (they told me I only have 6 grace logins before I need to change it).
    For your Novell password, you can change the password but not after your password expires. If your account expires you must contact
    You do not need to change your Mount ID password. The 6 grace logins affects only your network/email lgoin. To change your MSVU ID password, please contact the Library ciruculation desk at (902) 457-6250
  4. What does my Novell Network username look like?
           Network usernames are in the format of AMSV0001.
  5. What does my MSVU ID card barcode look like?
           The barcode number is the 14 digit number near the bottom of the ID card. It begins with 2935900
  6. I have my MSVU ID and password but it isn't working.  What's wrong?
           Please contact the library at (902) 457-6250 or
  7. I have my Novell Network username and password but it isn't working.  What's wrong?
           if you have not logged into your account recently your password may have expired. To have your account reactivated you must contact the IT&S Helpdesk at or visit in person.
  8. Will my Moodle or WebAdvisor passwords work?
           You can not use your Moodle or WebAdvisor passwords.
  9. Will my firewall affect my access to the databases?
            Most Internet Service Providers do not limit the areas their users can access on the Internet, so home users do not tend to encounter problems with firewalls. However, corporate sites often do employ firewalls and may be highly restrictive in what their employees can access. If you are trying to access these databases from a corporate site, please contact for more an alternate means of access the article databases.