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English Language Scores

If your first language is not English, we will need an official report from an English Language Testing Program. Applicants who do not submit such test scores will be refused admission. Make sure you also review the Admission Requirements as an international student.

The following tables indicates the English language requirements for undergraduate and graduate international student admission to Mount Saint Vincent University. These are outlined in the University's Academic Calendar.


Score Undergraduate StudiesGraduate Studies
5.5 (no band below 5.0) EAP 500  EAP 500 
6.0 (no band below 5.5)UBP  UBP
 6.5 (no band below 6.0)  Full-time Studies  GPP
7.0 (no band below 6.5)Full-time Studies


ScoreUndergraduate StudiesGraduate Studies
40 EAP 500  EAP 500 
60 Full-time Studies  GPP
70Full-time Studies


Score Undergraduate StudiesGraduate Studies
73 - 79 EAP 500  EAP 500 
80 - 85UBP  UBP
86 - 92 Full-time Studies  GPP
93 and aboveFull-time Studies


Score Undergraduate StudiesGraduate Studies
3.5 EAP 500  EAP 500 
4.5 Full-time Studies  GPP
5.0Full-time Studies

Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB)

Score Undergraduate StudiesGraduate Studies
CLB 6 EAP 500  EAP 500 
CLB 8 Full-time Studies  GPP
CLB 9Full-time Studies

English Language Programs at MSVU

Mount Saint Vincent University's English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program is for students who:

  • are entering a certificate, diploma, undergraduate, or graduate program at the Mount;
  • have been conditionally accepted to the Mount but have not yet met the English language requirements;
  • have full time acceptance but wish to improve their language and academic skills before entering their program.

There are 3 classes available: EAP 500, University Bridging Program (UBP), and the Graduate Preparatory Program (GPP). For more information, please contact Nicolle Bowes Cashen.