McCain building

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Teaching and Learning Centre and Online Learning  

Our academic support unit is a resource for all part and full-time faculty, and collaborative hub which supports the advancement of teaching and learning at the Mount. Our unit works to support teaching and learning in face-to-face classrooms, online classrooms and everything in between. We work to support student learning by facilitating faculty teaching development. We maintain three distinct areas of service: 

  • Faculty development and support 
  • Online course development 
  • Administration and support of our Mount Online learning platform 


Supporting Teaching and Learning at the Mount 

With an educational developer, instructional developer, instructional designers, and Mount Online user support specialists, we offer a range of services to support:  

  • Course Design   
  • Curriculum Development  
  • Teaching Development  
  • Moodle Course Site Design  
  • Teaching Portfolio Development 
  • Teaching Award Nominations  
  • Teaching with Technology