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Graduation Ring






  • Mount Saint Vincent's ring combines a modern design with elements of the past. This design was approved by the university Senate for all graduates as of Spring 1990, and the ring is already becoming a well-recognized symbol of Mount pride.


  •  The ring incorporates the university colors in light and dark blue enamels, and a stylized "M" and "V".  The dove is an element of the university's coat of arms and a link with our past.


  • The ring is available in 4 head sizes.  The "head size" refers to the square crest across the top of the ring, not the wearer's ring size.


  • The gold prices apply to yellow or white gold.  Prices are subject to change without notice


                                        Ring Sizes

Style #LS5-XS

The smallest head size measures 6mm x 8mm. This is a great ring for the "petite" hand.


Grad Ring 1

10K gold - $ 335.00

14K gold - $ 415.00

Sterling -  $ 235.00


Style # LS6S-M

The next head size measures 8mm x 10 mm. This ring is usually worn on the ring finger.


Grad Ring 2


10K gold - $ 385.00

                              14K gold - $ 485.00

                         Sterling -  $ 245.00



Style # LS8-MED

The third head size measures 10 mm x 12 mm.  This ring is suitable for a larger hand.


Grad Ring 3

10K gold - $ 440.00

14K gold - $ 565.00

Sterling -  $ 265.00




Style # LS11-LG

The largest ring head size measures 11 x 13 mm.  This ring is usually worn by a man with large hands.


Grad Ring 4

10K gold - $ 590.00

14K gold - $ 745.00

Sterling -  $ 275.00


Ordering a Ring

  • Grad rings are "special ordered' for the graduate. Therefore, you must allow 8 to 10 weeks delivery time when ordering a ring.


  • Rings may be ordered at any time. However, "Ring Days" are held twice a year (early October and early February), and at that time, the price of rings is decreased by $20.00.  Dates will be posted when available.


  •  When ordering a graduation ring, the following are required:

  1. The student's ring size

  2. The student's degree

  3. The student's year of graduation

  4. $100.00 deposit.  The remaining balance to be paid upon receipt of the ring