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The Co-Curricular Record (CCR) offers a way for students to formally document all of their non-academic, extra-curricular involvement in an official format. Here is some information on questions relating to what the Co-Curricular Record is and how to set it up.

If you have any questions, contact us at

The Co-Curricular Record can include activities such as volunteer work, athletics, awards and other leadership activities. You can request your CCR at any time for reasons such as job applications, award nominations, or scholarship opportunities.

Having a well-rounded CCR can be a great asset to your application when applying to your first job after graduation. Our new CCR format allows you to show your skills in a detailed way by outlining essential competencies you have gained.

You can create your CCR easily on our new system (best accessed via Google Chrome or Firefox). Once you reach this webpage click “login” and then “student”. 

At this point you will be prompted to the traditional myMount screen where you can continue to sign in as usual. The system will automatically recognize you and from there, you can click “Co-curricular Record” and add approved positions that you have completed to your record. Validation from the Supervisor of the activity or event is required before any activity/award can be officially recorded on your CCR. For your convenience, an email will be automatically generated and sent to your supervisor when you submit an entry.

There are 7 types of activities that can be documented on a CCR. These include: 

  • Student Leadership (i.e. executive positions in student government, campus societies, or athletics, Residence Assistant or Don) 
  • Varsity Athletics Participation (i.e. team member) 
  • Student Club/Society Involvement (i.e. member) 
  • Student Awards (Awards excluding Scholarships awarded by the university scholarship committee due to the fact that those scholarships will be documented on the Academic Transcript.) 
  • Professional Development (training outside of class – i.e. First Aid/CPR certification, non-violent crisis intervention, conference attendance and conference presentations)  
  • Volunteer work (on-campus or off-campus) 
  • Global Engagement 

Normally, no activity in which you were paid or received academic credit can be documented on your CCR. This includes summer employment and co-op terms. However, various awards received by students for achievements in these areas can be documented.

If you have more than one role with the same organization, you should add each of these activities separately.

You can access your CCR anytime directly on Career Connects under the Co-curricular Record module.

Yes, however you can only submit activities while you were a Mount student going back 3 years (2016).

If there is no “position” that suits your CCR entry, contact the CCR Project Officer at as they need to first submit the requirements for new activities and positions and have it approved in Career Connects before you can add it to your CCR.

You can still receive a copy of this document by contacting the administrator at to request a copy. If your activities occurred in 2016 or later, you may be able to add them to the new CCR as well.