Mature Students

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Validator Guidelines

Please review the Validator Guidelines (PDF - 332 KB) for more information.

The Co-Curricular Record (CCR) has been created so that students can officially document all of their non-academic, extra-curricular involvement, such as volunteer work, athletics, awards, and other leadership activities. 

Please note that activity for which a student was paid or received academic credit can be documented on their Co-Curricular Record (CCR) with the exception of elected student government positions.

There are seven (7) categories of activities which are eligible:

• Student Leadership (i.e. executive positions in student government, campus societies, or athletics, Residence Assistant or Don)
• Varsity Athletics Participation (i.e. team member)
• Student Club/Society Involvement (i.e. member)
• Student Awards (Awards excluding Scholarships awarded by the university scholarship committee due to the fact that those scholarships will be documented on the Academic Transcript.)
• Professional Development (training outside of class – i.e. First Aid/CPR certification, non-violent crisis intervention, conference attendance and conference presentations)
 Volunteer work (on-campus or off-campus)

 Global Engagement: A: on-campus: involvement in Buddy Program, fundraising for international development cause; off-campus/Canada: intercultural competency training, volunteer work with Immigration Settlement Association Nova Scotia (ISANS) or similar NGOs in other provinces, C: off-campus/abroad: international volunteer activities through NGOs or church, international conference attendance and conference presentations) 

Also, a student must have their participation validated before it can be placed on their CCR. Each department must have a designated validator to confirm which students are taking part in their activities. Validators must be a university staff or faculty member for on-campus activities or a staff member of a recognized organization in the case of off-campus volunteer work or professional development activities.

If you have any questions about the Co-Curricular Record, please contact us at