NOTE: Banner images should be placed in this first content block and should be at least 720px wide.

Large Camera Images and Web Formatting Them

Large images taken on a camera should be converted to a web format, which has a much smaller filesize (ie 1/30th) for faster downloads and no stretched distortion. You can use a photo editing application liek Photoshop or a free website like (used in video) to create web formatted images.

What Image Size Should I Use?

If you want to replace an existing image or see another image with a size you like, right click on it in your browser and view the image Properties, this will tell you the image dimensions you want. Otherwise it will take a little trial and error, here's a few image samples to give you an idea about what image widths to use.

400px 200px

400px 400px

 600px 600px

400px 800px