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Pepsi Conditioning Centre
The Conditioning Centre hosts our cardio and weight training equipment.


Cardio Machines:

4 Precor multiprogramming Treadmills

1 Matrix multiprogramming Treadmill

1 Precor multiprogramming Stepper 

1 Stairmaster Gauntlet- stairclimber

2 Life Fitness cross trainer total body systems

1 Star Trac Natural Runner plus

1 Life Fitness Natural Runner

2 Precor All Motion Trainer (AMT)

1 Matrix multiprogramming Recumbent Bike

1 Precor upright stationary bike

1 Star Trac Johnny G. Spinn Bike

1 Star Trac V. Spin Bike

1 Concept II Rowing machine

Weight Training Machines & Equipment:

Atlantis Universal Machine with variety of attachments (bars, ropes, cuffs, handles)

Atlantis Leg Extension/Curl Combo

Atlantis Abductor/Adductor Machine

Atlantis Pec/Rear Delt Machine

Atlantis Shoulder Press Machine

Preacher Curl with bar and weights

Barbell rack (with barbells 15-30lbs)

Smith Machine

Hyperextension Bench

Weight rack with dumbbells 3lbs-65lbs

4 Weight benches including incline/decline

Boxes, supports for Step Ups, seated row and heel raises

Medicine Balls 2-5kg

Access to Fitness Equipment:

Kettlebells (5-45lbs)

2 TRX Suspension training units

2 Ab rollers

Skipping Ropes

Resistance Tubing 

Stability balls

Bosu Balance Trainers

Mats (including yoga)

Body bars (9-15lbs)

Fitness Centre Etiquette:

  • Present your ID and sign into the Mount Fitness Centre.
  • Wear appropriate work out gear:
    sneakers, t-shirt, sweatshirt, full tank top (midriff must be covered), shorts/tights/pants
  • Keep your personal belongings in a locker or in the cubbie shelves.
  • No food or gum in the weight room or studio.
  • Wipe down equipment after use with cloth and cleaning solution provided.
  • Work at your own fitness level.
  • Ask if you may work in, and let others work in with you when doing multiple sets.
  • Refrain from sitting on equipment to socialize or between set.
  • Refrain from walking through others workout areas, such as between the person working out and the mirror.
  • Avoid banging or dropping weights.
  • Use collars on bars and a spotter if lifting heavy weights.
  • Place all weights back on the racks provided. Unload ALL bars and return weights to trees.
  • Ensure the cardio equipment is left level and ready for someone else to use.
  • Electronic devices that are inserted in your ears pose a safety issue, recommended for use on cardio and weight stack equipment only.
  • Respect fellow members at all times.
  • Report any equipment defaults or inappropriate behavior to Front Desk Personnel.
  • If unfamiliar with the use of equipment, book an appointment with a certified Trainer.

Fitness Centre Rules and Regulations

  • All members MUST show their membership card or student ID upon arrival to the Mount Fitness Centre Front Desk and sign in on the appropriate sheet.This is a must for every visit.


  • Facility Membership provides you access to the Conditioning Centre, Exercise Studio, Gymnasium, Locker Room with private showers.
  • Fitness Membership allows you to join any fitness class on the fitness class schedule as well as the use of the Locker Room with private showers.
  • Combo Membership provides you the benefits of the Facility and Fitness memberships (see above).


  • ALL members wishing to use a cardio machine must first sign up for use on the Cardio Whiteboard.
  • Use the clock next to the sign up board.Sign up for ONE piece of cardio equipment at a time.
  • Sign up for one or two 15 minute blocks for a total workout of 30 minutes.
  • You may sign up for another piece of equipment after you complete your initial block.
  • You must be ready to work out on cardio equipment when booking - NO ADVANCED BOOKING ALLOWED.
  • Please do not go over the time selected.
  • IF YOU DO NOT COMPLETE YOUR TIME BLOCK, please erase your name from the board.
  • DO NOT erase any other name.
  • IF SOMEONE DOES NOT COMPLETE THEIR TIME BLOCK (the machine is not being used):
  • You may use this time as well as your block, provided you have signed up right after the person who has left.
  • PLEASE WIPE EQUIPMENT AFTER USE: Spray the cloth and wipe the equipment, please do not spray the equipment directly.
  • NO KITBAGS on floor or near equipment in weight room.  Please place belongings in cubbies provided or in a locker.