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 DMI-2019 for Web

10th Annual Women's Basketball Tournament

Dec. 30, 2018 - Jan. 1, 2019
Hosted by Mount Saint Vincent University

Watch it live at acaatv.ca

Competing in this years tournament:

Dalhousie University
Mount Saint Vincent University
St. Francis Xavier
Saint Thomas University
University of Kings College
ACAA All-Star Team

The Dyrick McDermott Invitational has been established in memory and honour of the late and inspirational Mount Saint Vincent University Women’s Basketball Coach, Dyrick McDermott. 

Coach McDermott earned a win-loss record at the Mount of 160-17 and a Silver National CCAA medal while coaching the Mystics from 2001 to 2009. Coach McDermott’s commitment to excellence is being celebrated by hosting the Dyrick McDermott Invitational. As was Coach McDermott’s vision, the Mount will endeavor to fill the tournament with top calibre competition.

We aspire to offer participants, an outstanding competitive experience complimented by a positive tournament hosting package that reflects Coach McDermott’s philosophy.

Join us for the Dyrick McDermott Invitational where we will celebrate Coach McDermott’s significant contribution to college basketball and insure that his legacy lives on at the Mount.