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Know about the services available to students.

While we strive to ensure that every student is supported on our campus, we also know that every student is different. This means that the engagement level with our services will vary by student, the time of year, and how long they have been with us. We encourage you as their parent or guardian, to become familiar with these services so that you can be a resource for your student when they need you most. As always, if you have questions, please don't hesitate to email

Visit Career Planning Services in McCain 306 or contact Carrie Campbell to book an appointment with a career counsellor. You can call them at 457-6567, or email them at      

Need cash to buy books? Student loan issues overwhelming? In need of financial assistance? Let us help. Visit the Financial Aid Office in Evaristus 207 or email

We want to help your student feel better. Visit the Health Office on the 2nd floor Assisi to book an appointment with a doctor, or call 457-6354. Your student can also email a question to the secretary,, or

Need a place to live? Visit the Residence Life Office in Evaristus 201A.

You can also contact the Residence Life Coordinator at 457-6356 or by email at

Are personal problems interfering with your student's studying? Have they been feeling low lately?  Visit the Counselling Office below the Library in EMF 127-G, or contact Carrie Campbell to book an appointment with a counsellor: 457-6567 or Our Services are free and confidential.

Feeling Confused? If your student is not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, visit the International Education Centre in Seton Annex, or email

To book an appointment with one of the counsellors at Accessibility Services, please visit EMF 127-G (below the Library), or contact Carrie Campbell: 457-6567 or

Our Academic Advisors are available to help you with your course selection. Visit Seton 304, or you can book an appointment by calling 902-457-6657, or emailing
Or does your student need to reschedule a missed exam? Visit to have your student complete the Exam Conflict Form or the Missed Exam Report Form or contact the Registrar’s Office at if your student has questions.

 Go to Assisi front desk for any Security issues, or call 457-6111 or

Does you student want Fitness tips? Fitness counselling, individual programming or e-coaching are available.  Visit the Fitness Centre in Rosaria 127F, or contact the team at
Our Learning Strategist is available for one-on-one consultations about how to help students improve their study and testing skills. You can contact Carrie Campbell to book an appointment with our Learning Strategist at 457-6567, or by email at
Does your student want to learn more about writing styles, or need to practice their citiation skills? Visit EMF 205 to book an appointment at the Writing Resource Centre, or email