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Fees Deductible for Income Tax

Official income tax receipts for tuition will be made available automatically, near the end of February 2019, based on the calendar year (January 2019 - December 2019). The forms will be available online through myMount. Income tax receipts required for any time period other than the above will be issued upon written or email request only.

Confirmation of Enrolment 

The Registrar’s Office provides confirmation of enrolment for those seeking benefits from Youth Allowances, Canada Pension Plan, Department of Veterans Affairs or US Veterans Administration.

Teachers who require confirmation of enrolment and fees paid in order to be reimbursed from their School Boards should print their account statements and grade reports through their myMount account. Any further questions please email

Access to Student Financial Information by a Third Party

The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy legislation limits the information that Financial Services can provide about a particular student to anyone but that student without prior authorization from the student. If a student wishes to provide access to a third party, usually a parent, to their student financial information, a Delegation of Authority to Access Student Financial Information form must be completed and submitted to Financial Services. Click here to access the form.