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We know the main job of  a student - is to be a student - so the Student Works employment program offers full-time students with financial need the convenience of an on-campus job that works around their schedule.

 Fall & Winter Program (part-time employment)

  • Offers part-time, on-campus employment from late September to late March.
  • Students may work up to 12 hours per week.
  • Apply for Fall/Winter jobs in September.

Spring & Summer Program (full-time employment)

  • Offers full-time on-campus employment between May - August.
  • Students work 35 hours per week.
  • Apply for Spring/Summer jobs in March.

What are the wages?

Student Works wages are 100% subsidized by the Financial Aid Bursary budget at MSVU. The hourly pay is always above minimum wage and currently set at $13.00/hour, plus 4% vacation pay.

How do I Apply?

There are two components required to apply for the Student Works program.

  1. Students must complete a Student Works application.  These are bursary-funded positions and students must demonstrate that they have financial need; meaning, that they don't have enough resources to meet their educational expenses.
  2. Students must include a personalized cover letter and resume for each position they wish to apply (but only one Student Works application).

Completed Student Works application packages should be delivered to the Financial Aid Office inside the Registrar's Office (Evaristus Hall Room 207) by the deadline in the job posting.

Students may not apply for Student Works positions directly to job supervisors.

There are 35 Student Works positions available for Fall 2018 and Winter 2019.  These can be found via the MSVU Career Services page (click on Job Board).

For other job opportunities, tips on how to write a winning cover letter, resume and how to give a great interview, check out MSVU Career Services today!