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A post-secondary education is often one of biggest investments that you and your family will ever make. It takes both time and money, requires much planning and often, savings or loans to help you through. Keep in mind, however, that it is an investment the value of your education doesn't depreciate. Many of us were not taught how to budget or manage our money so this section of the website is dedicated to offer some information and assistance to help you chart your way. Being financially responsible reduces stress, and when your main job is to be student, you need as little as stress as possible!

Creating a budget for university

If you want to make sure that you can actually afford a year in school (or four), you have to know how what it costs and if you can afford it. Remember, your dreams don't work unless you do so take time to plan and be aware of what it will actually cost so that you're not in financial distress later on.

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Useful financial information from the Financial Services and Financial Aid teams.

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