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Welcome to the Mount!

We've gathered some dynamic students and alumnae to help take you on a guided tour of the Mount. The following videos will hopefully give you a greater understanding of our campus layout, and the opportunities that are available to our students. We hope our video tour will compel you to visit in person. Contact today to book your visit!  

First on the tour is Evaristus Hall, the primary academic building for our science students. Evaristus also houses the Senior Administration, Registrar, Admissions, International Education and Recruitment offices. 

The building features three floors of brand new student space that is rarely ever empty. You might even run into the Mount's President, Dr. Mary Bluechardt, whose office is located on the second floor.

Join Ashley-Jane Chow for a tour of our beautiful and spacious campus library - home of our renowned Department of Distance Learning and Continuing Education.

Listen in to learn of services available to you, including research assistance and Information Technology services. The library is also where you can retrieve your Metro Transit U-Pass and obtain your Mount photo ID.

Seton, the main academic building on campus, boasts an art gallery holding a collection of more than 600 artworks. Join Allison Sparling as she takes you on a tour, including a pit-stop at the  Seton Cafe, where the finest grilled-cheese sandwiches are served up. 

This is also the building where many first-year courses are held, including the Seton Auditorium where you will eventually cross the stage for graduation.

Join Matt and Katie as they visit the Mount's three residence buildings: Assisi Hall, The Birches and Westwood. Learn about different room options and view common areas in each residence. Get a feel for what residence life is really like at the Mount.

Jenna and Danielle, members of the Mount's women's soccer team, show you what Rosaria has to offer. Here you'll find the Students' Union Office, the on-campus daycare, the main dining hall, the bookstore, and Vinnie's Pub. This is also where you'll find the University's gym and fitness centre, which is free for all part-time and full-time Mount students.