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Mount Saint Vincent Alumnae Association Awards and Scholarships

Each year the MSVAA gives back to the community, by awarding current Mount students and faculty a number of awards and scholarships. More information about Awards and Scholarships, and how to apply for them, can be found on MSVU's Money Matters Page.

Dr. Lillian Wainwright Prize in Biology

Awarded by the Alumnae Association in memory of Dr. Lillian Wainwright, former faculty member of the Department of Biology.  On the recommendation of the Biology department, this award will be given to a third-year biology major (or one who has completed 10 credit units) with a minimum GPA of 3.5, who has demonstrated a strong interest in a particular biology subject.

Dr. Mary Schoeneberger Prize in Education

Awarded by the Alumnae Association in memory of Dr. Mary Schoeneberger, former Education faculty member, to a second-ear student with outstanding work in the Bachelor of Education program, as chosen by the faculty.

Dr. Patrick O’Neill Prize in Public Speaking

Awarded by the Alumnae Association in memory of Dr. Patrick O'Neill, a former professor, researcher, and coordinator of the Speech and Drama program at Mount Saint Vincent University, to a student with high academic standing in PBRL 2211/COMM 2211 in the previous calendar year, as chosen by the departmental faculty.

Sister Rose Celestine Prize in French

Awarded by the Alumnae Association in memory of Sister Rose Celestine, a former member of the French department, to a student in the second year or beyond, who has shown the most progress in French courses at the 2000 level or above.

Sister Francis d'Assisi Prize in History

Awarded by the Alumnae Association in honour of Sister Francis d'Assisi, historian and former President of Mount Saint Vincent University, to a graduating student with outstanding work in History as chosen by the faculty of the History Department.

Sister Marie Agnes Prize in English

Awarded by the Alumnae Association to the graduating English major with the highest academic average.

Sister Francis de Sales Endowed Award

Awarded annually by the Mount Saint Vincent Alumnae Association in memory of Sister Francis de Sales to a senior undergraduate student (has completed more than 7.5 units) who demonstrates outstanding research skills in using information / sources located or accessible from the MSVU Library when completing a research assignment for course credit at the Mount.

Alumnae-Students’ Union Leadership Award

Awarded jointly at Students’ Awards night by the Alumnae Association and the MSVU Students’ Union, the award recognizes both student involvement and strong leadership skills.

Alumnae Varsity Award

Awarded each year to both a male and female graduating student athlete. These athletes have contributed to student life and show promise of continue community service.

The Alumnae Early Career Teaching Award and the Alumnae Part-Time Faculty Teaching Award have been established to celebrate and foster excellence in teaching in all of the Mount's educational contexts, whether in the classroom, online, or through blended approaches.  Anyone in the Mount community can nominate a Mount faculty member, librarian or laboratory instructor for the teaching awards.  Nominations can be submitted by individuals or groups.  

Visit the Teaching and Learning Centre and Online Learning to download Award Guidelines and the Nomination Form.