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Strategic Planning Working Group – February 2019


• The President (Chair)

• Three faculty members (one from each Faculty): 

- Professional Studies – Jennifer Brady

- Arts/Science – Dan Séguin

- Education – Michelle Forest 

• One faculty member of Senate: Don Shiner

• One faculty member selected by the Faculty Association: Robert Farmer

• One member selected by CUPE: Janet McClain

• Two members selected by the Board of Governors: Colleen Keyes and Anne McGuire

• One member selected by Management and Professional Administrators: Kelly Cantelo

• One member selected by Management Forum: Denise Green

• One member selected by NSGEU: Courtney Davison

• Vice-President, Academic and Provost

• Vice-President, Administration

• Two students selected by the Student Union: Kenya Thompson and Milan McKay


• Identify priorities to be reflected in our updated strategic plan

• Seek input from key internal campus and external community stakeholders on priorities to be reflected in the updated strategic plan.

• Attend various open sessions (on and off campus) to hear input. (Note: Not all members are required to attend each section – participation/representation will be requested on a voluntary basis.)

• Advise and assist the President in preparing an updated strategic plan for review and approval by the Mount Saint Vincent University Senate and Board of Governors.