Below are some frequently asked questions from residence students. If you don’t find what you are looking for, please contact us.

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What exactly is a Living Learning Community (LLC)?

In each LLC 6 students will live on the same floor or building. These 6 students will be in the same program or have similar interests. This year the three LLCs will be Science, Psychology, and Recreation (19+). Throughout the year, the RA of the area, the Academic and Community RA (ACRA) will conduct programs/activities specific to the programs that the students are in, and for the Recreation LLC, they will have programs that are focused on living a life full of active recreational activities. (See What will you gain for some of the activities that may occur)

The faculty of Arts and Sciences will also engage with the communities, in an informal manner outside of the classroom. Students that are living in the LLCs will have an expectation to attend 75% of the programs, as well as participate in coming up with ideas, and planning of new events/activities.

The three LLCs offered are:

· Science (Assisi 10th floor)

· Psychology (Birch 3)

· Recreation (19+, Westwood 3rd floor)

Do I need to move to a different residence area, then my preferences?

If you already have a room assignment and are accepted into one of these communities, you will be moved to the residence area of the LLC. If you have not been placed yet, and are accepted into one the communities, your room assignment will be determined by the LLC you are in. The three LLCs will be:

· Science (Assisi 10th floor)

· Psychology (Birch 3)

· Recreation (19+, Westwood 3rd floor)

Do I need to have a meal plan?

Yes, the three LLCs are all single dorm style rooms. Thus, you must have either the POD5 or POD 7 meal plan. For more meal plan information, click here.


Who is Eligible to become an LLC member?

  • Student living in Residence for the 2019 – 2020 school year
  • Students that maintain full-time student status during the academic year
  • For the Academic LLCs, an applicant must be full-time and registered for courses in the Science, and Psychology programs
  • For the Recreation LLC, you must be 19+


How do I apply to live in this community?

If you are interested, you will need to complete a supplementary application as an expression of interest. Click here to apply today. Applications are due no later than July 2nd 2019.

Click here for the application instructions

Who will be my RA?

Your RA will be the RA for the specific LLC area. You will also be supported by the ACRA.


What will you gain?

  • Community, comfort, convenience, connections, collaboration with like-minded individuals, and a sense of belonging!
  • Programs and activities geared towards your program or interests, such as:
    • Meet and Greet with the faculty and staff of the departments
    • Meet and Greet with the staff in the Athletics and Recreation Department
    • Open chats/discussions
    • Assistance with advising – choosing majors, courses, etc.
    • Dining with the Dean of Science or Psychology and/or Chairs of the departments
    • Study halls
    • Peer tutoring and support
    • Lab report writing
    • Field trips to recreational activities
    • Academic & Career advising
    • One-on-one fitness evaluations

How many students are in the LLC?

There will be 6 students in each of the LLCs for the 2019 – 2020 school year.


Am I guaranteed a spot in the Living-learning communities?

No, there are only 6 spots for each.