Around the World Activity Challenge

Take a trip around the world and celebrate the places our MSVU students come from.


– Prize winners will be drawn on Friday, Dec 16 at 12:00pm
Prize #1: Three personal training sessions (For yourself or gift to someone else)
Prize #2: $25 Lawton’s Gift card
Prize #3: Yoga mat, resistance band, keychain & lanyard

SIGN UP for the challenge

– Join at the Fitness Desk! Give your name and email address and pick up your tracking sheet and flag pin to get started.
– Place a pushpin at your starting point on the map (Halifax).
– Doing activity at home? Simply e-mail and we will post your flag and send you a tracking chart.

Record your physical activity:

– Show your progress on our map. Every 10 minutes of activity = 100 kms
– Add a flag pin (with your initials written on it) to the map at our starting position of Halifax, NS.
– Each time you achieve enough distance points to visit a new destination move your flag to that spot on the map.
– Time spent doing activity equals distance points.
– Follow our destination goals (see below) and move your pin when you have acquired enough.

Destination Goals:

The goal is to “travel” to the 10 countries that have the greatest representation of international students here at MSVU, and the approximate distance from Halifax:
– Bermuda:  1371 km
– Bahamas:  2528 km
– Jamaica:   3211 km
– Ghana:   7492 km
– Nigeria:  7777 km
– Saudi Arabia:  9575 km
– Rwanda:  10,452 km
– China:  10,604 km
– India:  10,954 km
– Vietnam:  12,637 km

If you are from a country other than Canada we invite you to print your name and your home country on the poster board so we can celebrate all the amazing places in the world that are represented at MSVU.

Additional Information:

– Earn distance points for ALL the physical activity you do between Nov 21 and Dec 15th, 2022.
– Activity can be done at the fitness centre or elsewhere but must include movement of the whole body.
– To track your minutes of activity -take one of the tracking sheets at the desk OR use the online version which will be sent to you via email.
– Your destination goals are the 10 countries that have the greatest representation of International students here at MSVU. See chart
– To be entered to win a prize you must ‘travel’ at least 4000kms (the equivalent of 40 minutes of physical activity) before Dec 16th.
– Your contest entry is the tracking sheet sent to by Thursday, Dec 15th. The draw takes place on Friday, December 16th.

If you have any questions about our challenge, please email or call Melissa at 902-457-6563.

Good luck and have fun!