How to prepare for your advising appointment:

  • Book your advising appointment in advance. At peak times in the year, it may be difficult to get an appointment with your academic advisor at a moment’s notice.
  • Show up early or on-time for your advising appointment. Cancel your appointment well in advance if you are unable to make it so another student may take your appointment time.
  • Familiarize yourself with your program and course requirements by reviewing the Academic Calendar before your meeting. Also, visit the Advising Checklist section of the Advising Toolbox to print the checklist for your program.
  • Prepare a selection of the courses that you would like to take or think you may need for your degree.
  • Bring a list of questions. Get the most out of your appointment and have all of your questions answered at one time.
    Expect referrals from your advisor. Advisors are familiar with the student services on campus and can be your link to finding the right person to talk to.