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Thank you to all of our Mount Mystics supporters.

Mount Saint Vincent University’s athletics program is committed to offering student-athletes a positive competitive experience that fosters a love of the game and encourages all players to contribute to their community.

Part of the Mount Mystics legacy is ensuring that student-athletes have access to the opportunities and resources necessary to stay on top of their game, both on the field/ court and in the classroom. With the purchase of a Mount Mystics Trip of the Month Lottery ticket, you are helping us provide our student-athletes with the support they need to succeed. Funds raised will support interprovincial competition, equipment, and academic/financial assistance for our student athletes. Proceeds raised goes directly to our athletics program.

THANK YOU for your continued support of the Mount and our student-athletes.

2020 Winners List

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50/50 Draw Winner:

  • This years 50/50 draw is valued at $5945.00
  • Congratulations to Derek Fisher, Ticket #246 – 4.


2020 Trip Winners List

Thank you for helping provide student athletes with the support they need to succeed both on the court, field and in the classroom. Proceeds raised will directly support our varsity athletics program.

  • January 3, 2020
    Missy Harnish (#141) – 1st Prize: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (value $3500 for 2 persons)
    Darlene Barrett (#749) – 2nd Prize: $250 cash
    Wen Wez (#202) – 3rd Prize: $100 cash


  • February 7, 2020
    Gail Rice (#726) – 1st Prize: Albufeira, Portugal (value: $3500 for 2 persons)
    Margaret Hennebury (#372) – 2nd Prize: $250
    Ed McHugh (#317) – 3rd Prize: $100


  • March 7, 2020
    Wendy Yates (#650) – 1st Prize: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic (Value: $3500 for 2 persons)
    Kyla Dunn (#182) – 2nd Prize: $250
    Mike Mills (#324) – 3rd Prize: $100


  • April 3, 2020
    Valda Leighteizer (#257) – 1st Prize: Larnaca, Cyprus(Value: $3400 for 2 persons)
    Ed McHugh (#317) – 2nd Prize: $250
    Anne Dugay-Langmaid (#293) – 3rd Prize: $100


  • May 1, 2020
    Cathy Ward (#365) – 1st Prize: Seattle, Washington (Value: $3300 for 2 persons)
    Paul MacIsaac (#100) – 2nd Prize: $250
    Katherine Tucker (#883) – 3rd Prize: $100


  • June 5, 2020
    Emma Gallie (#602) – 1st Prize: Vienna, Austria (Value: $3400 for 2 persons)
    Mark Harris (#027) – 2nd Prize: $250
    David LaChance – 3rd Prize: $100


  • July 3, 2020
    Amanda Sabean (#118) – 1st Prize: Reykjavik, Iceland (Value $3500 for 2 persons)
    Nancy and John Conn (#764) – 2nd Prize: $250
    Richard Heroux (#732) – 3rd Prize: $100


  • August 7, 2020
    Steve Richey (#923) – 1st Prize: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico (Value $3200 for two persons)
    David LaChance (#213) – 2nd Prize: $250
    Cathy MacIsaac (#531) – 3rd Prize: $100


  • September 4, 2020
    Richard Johnston (#880) – 1st Prize: Palermo, Sicily (Value: $3400 for two persons)
    Noah Stanwood (#738) – 2nd Prize: $250
    Judy Breen (#0072) – 3rd Prize: $100


  • October 2, 2020
    Lauren Stuppiello and Jeff Black (#0609): 1st Prize: London, England (Value: $3200 for two persons)
    Cynthia Baker (#0851):  2nd Prize: $250
    Scott Verret (#0006):  3rd Prize: $100


  • November 6, 2020
    Madonna Trainor (#0113):  1st Prize: Limerick, Ireland (Value: $3800 for two persons)
    Beverley Hutchinson (#0338):  2nd Prize: $250
    Valarie LeBlanc (#0747):  3rd Prize: $100


  • December 4, 2020
    Chris Flemming (#0404):   1st Prize: Paris, France (Value: $3300 for two persons)
    Elizabeth Church (#0795):  2nd Prize: $250.00
    Monique MacDonald (#0959): 3rd Prize: $100.00

2020 Trip Prize List

DRAW 1: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
JANUARY 3, 2020

With round trip airfare from Halifax to Rio de Janeiro, you will enjoy 6 nights at the Arena Copacabana Hotel located on the boardwalk just steps from Copacabana Beach! Daily breakfast and airport transfers included.

Value: $3500 for 2 persons


DRAW 2: Albufeira, Portugal
FEBRUARY 7, 2020

Enjoy round trip airfare from Halifax to Faro for 6 nights at the Vila Petra Hotel. Located on ‘The Strip’, you will be in walking distance to the beach, great restaurants and Old Town. Airport transfers included.

Value: $3500 for 2 persons


DRAW 3: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
MARCH 6, 2020

With round trip airfare from Halifax to Punta Cana, enjoy a 7 night all-inclusive stay at the Grand Bahia Principe Resort, located on the beautiful turquoise Caribbean Ocean! Airport transfers included.

Value: $3500 for 2 persons



DRAW 4: Larnaca, Cyprus
APRIL 3, 2020

Enjoy round trip airfare from Halifax to Larnaca with a 6 nights stay at the Blue Harbour Boutique Apartments. Located just a 2 minute walk to the beach and 5 minutes to town center! Daily breakfast and airport transfers included.

Value: $3400 for 2 persons


DRAW 5: Seattle, Washington
MAY 1, 2020

With round trip airfare from Halifax to Seattle, enjoy 7 nights at the Paramount Hotel Seattle. Centrally located in the center of downtown Seattle, within walking distance to great restaurants, shopping and Pike Place Market. Includes a Chef-guided tour of Pike Place Market and airport transfers.

Value: $3300 for 2 persons


DRAW 6: Vienna, Austria
JUNE 5, 2020

Enjoy round trip airfare from Halifax to Vienna that takes you to a 6 night stay at the Hotel Imlauer Vienna. Enjoy its glass-covered courtyard and central location within walking distance to the Prater Amusement Park and the Riesenrad Ferris Wheel. Airport transfers included.

Value: $3400 for 2 persons


DRAW 7: Reykjavik, Iceland
JULY 3, 2020

Enjoy Iceland with round trip airfare from Halifax to Reykjavik! This 6 night stay at the Center Hotel Plaza includes daily breakfast and is located within walking distance to shops, great restaurants and all the sights. Airport transfers included.

Value: $3500 for 2 persons


DRAW 8: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
AUGUST 7, 2020

This Mexican getaway includes round trip airfare from Halifax to San Jose del Cabo, 6 nights at the waterfront Hacienda Endantada Resort and amazing views of Lands End, where the coastline meets the Sea of Cortez! Airport transfers included.

Value: $3200 for 2 persons


DRAW 9: Palermo, Sicily

The Italian island of Sicily awaits. With round trip airfare from Halifax to Palermo, this getaway is in the historic center of Palermo and includes 6 nights at the Ibis Styles Palermo Cristal Hotel. Daily breakfast and airport transfers included.

Value: $3400 for 2 persons


DRAW 10: London, England
OCTOBER 2, 2020

Enjoy round trip airfare from Halifax to London for a 6 nights at the award-winning Windemere Hotel. Centrally located, you will be just a stone’s throw from Buckingham Palace and Harrods. Daily breakfast and airport transfers included.

Value: $3200 for 2 persons


DRAW 11: Limerick, Ireland
NOVEMBER 6, 2020

Discover Ireland! Enjoy 6 nights at the Clayton Hotel Limerick, situated on the banks of the beautiful River Shannon. This trip includes round trip airfare from Halifax to Shannon and airport transfers.

Value: $3800 for 2 persons


DRAW 12: Paris, France
DECEMBER 4, 2020

This romantic city awaits! Enjoy 6 nights at the Timhotel Le Louvre, centrally located in the cultural and historical heart of the city. Trip includes round trip airfare from Halifax to Paris and Airport transfers.

Value: $3300 for 2 persons

50/50 Add-on Option

This year we added a 50/50 ticket option:

1 ticket for $10.00
5 tickets for $25.00


To purchase a 50/50 ticket:

  • you must purchase a 2020 Trip of the Month Ticket
  • when ordering your ticket, you will be prompted to select your 50/50 ticket preference:
    – $0 no ticket
    – $10.00 for 1 ticket
    – $25.00 for 5 tickets
  • the amount will be added to the $100.00 Mount Mystics Trip of the Month Lottery Ticket price


Draw Date: January 3, 2020


Winner of this years 50/50 draw: Derek Fisher

Value:  $5945.00
Ticket #246 – 4

50/50 Ticket 2020 LL#: AGD-103719-19

Rules and Regulations

Rules & Regulations

2020 Lotto License #’s:
Trip of the Month Ticket: AGD-103717-19
50/50 Ticket: AGD-103719-19

  • Only 1000 tickets will be sold at $100 per ticket.
  • All tickets must contain the purchaser’s name, address and contact information.
  • Prizes are transferable only prior to booking with Maritime Travel.
  • Trips include round-trip airfare for 2 individuals from Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Trips must be booked within 12 months of draw date.
  • Winner must select prize awarded, travel voucher or cash payout (85% of trip value) within year of draw date.
  • All trips are subject to certain restrictions, booking requirements, airline failure and other circumstances beyond our control.
  • Lottery draw dates are as follows:
    – January 3, 2020
    – February 7, 2020
    – March 6, 2020
    – April 3, 2020
    – May 1, 2020
    – June 5, 2020
    – July 3, 2020
    – August 7, 2020
    – September 4, 2020
    – October 2, 2020
    – November 6, 2020
    – December 4, 2020
  • Winners will be contacted by the Mount Athletics Office.
  • Names of all ticket winners will be published. For example: Mount Saint Vincent University Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
  • Tickets can be purchased using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, cheque, debit or cash.
  • Mount Saint Vincent University Athletics & Recreation Office reserves the right to cancel the lottery prior to January 3, 2020 guaranteeing full refunds.
  • All trips to be negotiated through Maritime Travel:  Barb Sharples, Travel Consultant Email: or Phone: 902-661-1220
  • No travel insurance is included in the prizes.
  • All tickets purchased, including winners, are entered in all 36 draws.
  • Ticket must be purchased in Nova Scotia.
  • 50/50 add-on option:
    – must purchase a Mount Mystics trip of the Month Lottery ticket to be eligible to purchase a
  • 50/50 add-on ticket. One ticket for $10. Five tickets for $25.
    – Draw Date: January 3, 2020
  • Ticket order form is available:
    a) phone 902-457-6420,
    b) email:
    c) online:
    d) mail and in person : Mount Saint Vincent University, Athletics & Recreation Office,
    166 Bedford Highway, Rosaria Student Centre, Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3M 2J6.

Privacy Regulations


Mount Saint Vincent University is committed to respecting the privacy of individuals who visit and use the lottery website. The following statement will inform you as to how your personal information is collected and used in connection with the site, the purpose for which it is collected and used, with whom the information is shared, how long your information is stored, and what security measures are in place to secure and protect your information.


We retain the contact information collected from you at the time of your ticket purchase. The database of buyer information both on and offline contains no financial information. You are also given the opportunity to unsubscribe from future lottery emails.

We do not automatically gather any additional personal information from you when you visit the site. The email address that you supply in the process of requesting a ticket online, is used for notification of future lottery events and winners announcements. You have the option not to receive email notifications by clicking the unsubscribe link in any email sent to you or by phoning 902-457-6152 or email

Your mailing address is collected for two purposes: to send you your requested ticket and to invite you to participate in future lottery events. You have the option not to receive direct mail pieces by phoning 902-457-6152 or email


Your personal information is not shared with any other organizations, unless required by legal duty or right. We do not sell, trade or lease our customer information. Winners’ names will be published.


Your contact information is retained for the purpose of contacting you about prize winnings and informing you of future lottery events. You have the option to unsubscribe from future email campaigns. You may phone 902-457-6152 or email to request removal from the database for email and direct mail campaigns.


We have made all reasonable efforts to protect the privacy of your personal information.