Tawnya Zwicker

Tawnya Zwicker graduated from the Mount in 1998 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English and Psychology. Throughout her career she has worked for a variety of banking institutions, namely in wealth management, as well as non-profit organizations and technology companies.

Tawnya is currently the Senior Marketing Manager at BMO for Women – a bank-owned program that provides financial education for women, and works to advance their position as entrepreneurs and innovators within the business sector.

In winter 2018, a study conducted by researchers from Carleton University revealed women are not always recognized as innovators in the business industry, simply because many of their innovations are not technological. (The study also included recommendations that would enhance support for female entrepreneurs.) Tawnya worked hard to amplify this study, and during a round table event, #BMOForWomen was the #1 trending topic in Canada on Twitter. Upon the study’s release, #BMOForWomen was #2 on the trending page.

“My Mount education has come full circle,” says Tawnya. “Studying English allowed, and encouraged me, to think strategically. I’ve been able to marry the creative and the strategic in my career because of my studies.

In her spare time, Tawnya is also an online health and fitness coach and motivates people to work out and make healthy eating choices. Tawnya is also an avid blogger. You can access her blog at TawnyaZwicker.com.